Dear Jayna,
I’m taking this opportunity to talk to you about something very important. I know that by the time you’re reading this you’ll have figured out that your dad and I are not religious. It’s not that we don’t believe in god, we just don’t agree with organized religion or blind faith. We never understood our parents’ need to follow certain customs without any logical reason. In Hindu tradition there are so many ceremonies for all these different life events. Your dad and I went along with all of these things for our wedding and are doing one more ceremony before you’re born. Your Nani in India started talking to me about doing some ceremony I “have” to do after you’re born. For the past 27 years I have gone along with whatever they have asked me to do without any reason to back it up. This time I decided to stand my ground and said no. Truth be told, they have not had to do half the ceremonies they are now asking us to do. When I said I wouldn’t do it the only response Mummy had for me was that I have to. No reason, no logic. We will not impose any of these things on you. It’s great to be respectful and to do things to make your parents happy,  but I believe it’s also our job as parents to respect our children’s beliefs. I don’t think our parents understand this concept. They just keep trying to live vicariously through us or give us what they didn’t have. We won’t try to do this to you either. We will try our best to respect your individuality.  You’re not in this world to please us or carry out our agenda. You’re here to be loved for who you are and to become your own person.
Love you for who you are, 


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