Our First Time Seeing You

Dear baby,

It has been a while since I wrote to you last. A lot has happened since. Your mommy voted for the first time. That was exciting! We’ve told one or two more friends here and there and told your daddy’s cousin and wife who we are very close to about you. Kruti Auntie was very excited when I told her over sushi and we told Manish Uncle at Thanksgiving dinner. He was so happy he teared up. It was surprising but they will be bringing your big cousin into the world about 5 months before you get here. It’s nice to be going through some of this with family like that.

The biggest piece of news is that we saw you for the first time on Tuesday November 20th.


We confirmed with the doctor that you are definitely 7 weeks old (almost 8 weeks as I’m writing this) and you are due to arrive into this world on July 7, 2013. We saw your heart flickering on the monitor and the doctor told us you had a good strong heartbeat. I felt like a very proud mom at that moment. Every time I laughed it was like you were playing peek-a-boo on the ultra sound and you would hide. It was the best. I can’t wait to see you again already. December 13, 2012 is our next appointment. Until then, my baby.

Love you tons,

Mama Desai ❤



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