Your Family is really Excited For You

Dear baby Desai,

In case I haven’t told you this yet, your family is super excited about you. Your Mausi is really trying to finish her PhD work before you come along so she can be with us when you get here. I can’t enforce enough how excited your grandparents are. This is probably the most I’ve talked to your Grandma in a while. Not too many people know yet. It’s really hard keeping it to myself, but I know it’s the safest thing to do right now. In addition to family, we have a few close friends we have informed. I told my best friend Nidhi, and dad told his best friend Ryan. Ryan is like family. We consider him our brother. He looks out for us all the time.

Since he found out about you, he’s done an excellent job looking out for you too. During the hurricane he called and texted me a bunch of times (your dad wasn’t here) to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. We went to visit him on Friday and he was good at making sure we were comfortable and even had baby friendly beverages for us! Yay! We invited him over for some yummy bison burgers last night and be brought us cookies. Your dad ate way more than I did last night…I hope this doesn’t become a pattern.

I’m really trying to do everything I can to take care of you. Yesterday was the first time I exercised in a while (you make me very tired!). I am going to try to get back on it today too. Today you are 5 weeks along and the size of a sesame seed! I’m trying to read all the pregnancy stuff I can get my hands on. Since I did close to nothing before we found out about you, I have a lot of catching up to do! I am taking my prenatal vitamins, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and dairy everyday. I am really tying not to eat too much unhealthy stuff. I keep craving Cheez-Itz though! And there was that cookie last night but I had it with a glass of milk so that cancels it out right?

I must sound so silly to you. I’m a dietitian and I’m fussing over eating healthy enough. I’m glad I at least have that knowledge in my background so I know what to be cautious of like raw fish, soft cheeses, and deli meat. Giving up coffee cold turkey was one of the hardest things I had to do. I’m allowing myself some decaf for the taste, but your mama loves coffee! When I was talking to your Grandma yesterday I was talking to her about giving up coffee. She was amazed at how I gave it up so quickly, but I said it didn’t matter how I felt about it, I had to do what was best for you. I’m starting to feel like a mom already. Taking care of you and protecting you is my number 1 priority now.

We have a lot going on all at once. It’s really overwhelming actually! We’re getting ready to move into a new home, we have to get ready to sell this house, the holidays are coming up, and I volunteered to throw dad’s cousin’s wife (Kruti) a baby shower in December. It is not easy to keep up with it all! I want to keep moving forward at my normal pace but I underestimate how tired I get. I’ve been stubbornly trying not to ask for help, but I think I’m going to have to give in. Your dad even acknowledged that he would have to start learning to cook. Let’s see if we can get him off the couch from watching football today and get him in the kitchen!

I think he can do it, he just needs a little push. But we really are so lucky to have so much love and support around us. We have no idea how we would do this without our friends and our family. It really does take a village, even when you’re still just the size of a sesame seed!

Love you so much!

Mama Desai


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