Surviving Sandy

Dear baby Desai,

We survived Hurricane Sandy! It was really an uneventful two days stuck inside the house with lots of rain and strong wind and working from home. Monday night when the storm was at it its worst, I stayed next door with our awesome neighbors so I wouldn’t be alone if and when the power went out. They took really good care of us that night and made sure we were comfy. I worked from home Monday and Tuesday thinking it would be awesome to be home and pig out, but you don’t seem to be super hungry. I think I have eaten more out of before finding out about you. Maybe I would have pigged out more if I wasn’t actually working. Turned out I wasn’t supposed to be to working because the office was closed. My director got confused about it, realized he messed up and gave me and my boss 2 comp days! Yay! I know I’m already going to need half a day when we go see the doctor for our first ultrasound. It will be the first time we get to see you!

You are bringing me good luck already! I was even able to convince your grandma and grandpa to get out of their cold dark house and stay with family who had power tonight. Unfortunately they lost power during the hurricane. The storm really took its toll on NJ and NY. Half of Manhattan is flooded, much of NJ is without power, the Subways aren’t running and some tunnels are flooded for the first time ever. We got really lucky with Hurricane Sandy here in Delaware (which is where we live now), but there are parts of the east coast that were slammed. We will be moving further away from the coast soon!

Okay my darling…I just wanted to fill you in about the “Epic” storm we just had.


Mama Desai


P.S. It is super hard going through work everyday hiding something from everyone, but I will only tell them when I know we’re in the clear. Part of me is so excited I just want to share it with anyone but for now I try to only talk to you when no one else is around and pat my belly when no one is watching.  ❤


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